Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Life's Getting Hectic

phuh . . my life's getting more and more stress . .

there's a bunch of cases which to be prepared before lectures , tutorial to be done , and all . . am i really the material to be a law student ? even myself cant give a proper answer :( but the special thing is , i don find it hectic when im doing contract law . . i think i found my own interest subject :X hope i can really score that . .

anyway , beside that , there's something cover the hectic life . . there's something tht i do daily to release my stress n relax . . and i do it consistently . . and i really enjoy doing that and even i can stay at home during weekend to do that :) tht's the happiest moment in the entire day . .

basically , these few days nothing special goin on . . attend classes everyday , have lunch with my classmates , all like routine edy . . :X owh , and im going to k box to sing later!! in neway subang . . with my classmate . . this will be my 1st time to chill with my classmate . . cant wait . . lolxx...

as the time goes by , i feel uneasy . . as my sister will go back hometown for 3 months start from 11 november . . then i will have less time to talk to her edy :( i think is ok for me as there's always somebody for me . .

this post is actually a post out of a random . . lolX . .